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I didn't realise you girls were on Newgrounds as well! Great animation as always. Love your work. Miketendo64 Forever.


THIS. WAS. BRILLIANT. Nice work man.

HDRevill responds:

Cheers buddy! :D

Oh my god, this was so freaking good, I loved Charmander's song, especially when he evolved and evolved again into Charizard and started banging on about being a dragon. Great work with this fantastic piece.

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One of the best Flash games I have ever played on the internet. I love the Legend of Zelda feel to it, and enjoyed the main protagonist's likeness to Link, they are very similar. It has a great length too it, much better then Chapter 1 which I played on another site, but it really is a great Game, I love the animation, the Nightmare Armour. The four swords you can obtain, the bosses you fight, the Life containers, the Launcher was a good weapon, wasn't really a use for it though. Is there a Chapter 3 of this, already made or being made?

Best Pokemon ever

Best ever Pokemon game I have ever played, better then the actual ones in fact, the story to this is much better then the games, what with always being the same, catch them all, get 8 gym badges and beat the elite four. For the beginning this is truely great, I can not wait to see what more you will do to this. Quick question, when you do continue this, for level 6 and more catchable Pokemon, will the player get the Boulderbadge because they beat Broke, reason why I say this is becuase if you did do that, then you can put medals on the game and earning that badge is a medal, like evolving so many Pokemon. A medal for catching all Pokemon and that sort of stuff. I loved the sprites, really good, and the point exp was a good touch, can't wait for the better version. If you need any help I'm sure many of us would aid you, including me. Great work, can't wait to see what you do next.

What the patient needed and the nurses supplied

I've been spending quite some time in the hospitals this year and all I can say is that if I met some nurses like these during my stay, my stay would have been a lot more bearable. Now as far as these games go, you are a master, great animations, great graphics and the positions are good too. even if you made real life films half as good as this, you would be legendary.

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Hey you have a pretty good voice, the recording sounds echoey, which adds to the voice giving it a hollow and darker edge, consider you we will, , one thing I will suggest is slow it down a bit, allow the words to have a bit of a pause in between thus giving them a more distant and melancholy effect.

Sort of subliminal

Oh, i like this one, it's peaceful, yet lively entrancing at the same time, can;t wait to see more of this sort of thing.

peltos responds:

thx. but i have the feeling by this one that its not finished yet.....
but i coundt find what so i just submit it:P

Funky man

Hey bro, for a first attempt it's not too bad, kind of funky really, how'd you do it? Hey seeings as how you're making songs now, they can be put into our comics.

peltos responds:

that was the reason i made them XD
and thx

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Like Lionelion, I saw this on Splatoon too, it's a great piece of work, much better than my attempts at Squidlings in Squid form.

ArtistGamerGal responds:

Thank you! Just keep practicing and I'm sure you'll get better at it! :)

A true Masterpeice

What more should i see, it's truely great.

One word: Awesome!

Dude, i hear you critisizing this, but it is awesome, writing is thing ad the shading and textures are just brilliant.

Hi I'm a diver that enjoys playing video games when I'm not writing about marine life, diving or maritime history, but if I'm not doing that I'm out with my mates. How about you?

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