I'm Writing a Novel

2012-12-28 11:14:55 by greatwh1teshark

Hey Guys,

I've been recently asked if I could write a short story, at least 150 pages for a fiction novel set in medieval times, based upon the exploits of a young male and his gang of friends. It's to be for children and young adults between the ages of 5-16 and I'm going to be posting it on here as well so you can let me know what you think and see how it pans out and progresses.

At this time I have no main title of the novel, but the subtitle is: The Eye of Iris

The Chapters will be short and there will be illustrations.

So without further ado, here is Chapter 1:

The Forgotten Storm

Centuries ago, back in the era of the Medieval ages, there existed civilizations unknown to the world of today. Wars broke out, sickness and diseases swept across the lands and many a famine had occurred. Most of the civilizations were wiped out completely, Erased & Forgotten for all of Eternity.
In the year of 1327, a tremendous disastrous happening took place, something far worse than never ending battles, illnesses and plagues, for this is the year of the Great Storm. Legends tell of a tale where the Great Storm, the storm that started from the ends of the Earth and spread out, casting its great shadows over the lands it engulfed.
Rain fell relentlessly from the darkened clouds as the Seas turned to Maelstroms, sinking & destroying all those who dared to set sail. Out of the Chaos that ensued, this wasn't the worst of it, for not only did it destroy and kill, it also stole.
The Great Storm disappeared as quickly as is appeared, after existing for two months, it was soon gone and the World was safe once more, for the storm never returned, but neither did the continent of Sancti.
During its reign, the ferocious tempest had taken over and stole Sancti from the globe. The rest of the world was left untouched and unharmed. As time progressed, all of the remaining civilizations had forgotten all about Sancti and the people of Sancti. As for the storm, all knowledge of it and documented evidence, vanished without a trace. As if something or someone had erased it from existence itself.
This was not the end of Sancti though, the Land that was home to the Proud people of Sancti, the farmers, the warriors and the Nobles, but they weren't the only presence of Life. The land was also home to Magnificent creatures, ferocious fiends and dangerous monsters. The Lands of Sancti continued to live on for the storm may have ripped it from our world, but it transported it to another.
There existed a Planet that was only water, no earth or land at all, it was just a field of Ocean, an Ocean void of Life. The Planet was called Oceania, it was the 10th planet in our Solar System and is positioned between Mercury and Mars. The planet of Oceania is the parallel equivalent of Earth. During its whole existence in our galaxy, the planet went undiscovered, completely unknown to the people of Earth.
In the year of the Great Storm, Sancti wasn't the only thing taken, for Oceania, a planet on the verge of total destruction, was also taken. Both had vanished in a blink of the eye and were transported to the very edge of the Universe. A place where time itself seems to be frozen and yet, thanks to a yellow sun much like the one in our Solar System, and a moon, much like the one that orbits the planet Earth, night and day were still able to occur.
Upon its new placement in the universe, Oceania sat proudly as the Great Storm gave the planet the greatest gift of all, it gave it the gift of Life. Sancti was placed in the watery planet, giving it both Life & Earth, but as the years progressed Sancti the continent, broke apart and new lands seemed to grow as the land divided into Realms.
More wars broke out as humanity fought off the monsters and each other before a time of peace had arrived. Peace went on to last for centuries as the Realms split up and divided up into Islands & Colonies before a second storm came along and threatened the peaceful existence of all the inhabitants of Oceania.
Where as the first storm had brought Life, the second one had brought with it Death, Death in the form of Shadows, beings of pure darkness that desires nothing more than the ultimate reign of terror, supreme power and a river of blood. One by one the Realms fell into the hands of the Dark Ones and they were so close to enslaving the whole planet, until a Clan of Warriors rose up against the Forces of Evil and eradicated them the the lands of Oceania.
The Dark Ones were no more, but a part of their evil lived on, now living in the hearts of Man & Monster. Tyrants would rise, accumulating power only to fall at the hands of the Watchers, the descendants of the warriors who had vanquished the Dark Ones.
The warriors feared evil would one day n rise again, so the Watchers were created, a Clan of Warriors to watch over the Realms and protect them. Over the centuries that went on, the Watchers continued to thrive & safeguard, forever keeping watch, waiting for the Darkness to rise once more, just so they can smite it once more.
The world has changed now and civilizations exist in the 23rd century, in the year of 2246 and yet they still lived in a Medieval era, over 900 years have passed and yet, their version of the Medieval times seemed to only have progressed 100 years. In this peaceful century there is an uprising, evil is on the rise once again, the Darkness was back and was infecting many. The plagues are back and it won't be long till wars are fought, for battles have already returned and lives are being ended by the steel blades of swords, as they cut down their victims on the battlefield.
It is now time for the Watchers to act, but due to the progression of time, the vigorous training and the selection processes, the Watchers have become a mere shadow of their former glory as now only a handful remain. This is the story of the young Warrior living on the Isle of Iris in the Mares Realm, this is the story of Zach.


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