Artists Wanted - Comics

2012-12-20 12:00:10 by greatwh1teshark

Attention one and all, I am in need of a partner in Crime:

We won't be breaking any laws, but I do need an artistic companion to work with me for a New Comic, the Me & You Comics, a series of comics that will be about anything and everything. Parodies of famous games like Zelda, and original things as well.

The comics will be short so we can do at least one a week, I already have some scripts for the comics, now I just need someone to bring them to life.

Leave a comment or PM me if interested, I will get back to you straight away and send some of the scripts so you can see what you've got to work with.

One artist would be great, but more will be fine, the more artists, the more comics we can make, I look forwards to hearing from you.


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2012-12-21 23:32:08

send me some of your stories and let me see if I can be a part of this project. :D