Open Ocean Productions

2009-10-05 11:58:34 by greatwh1teshark

Recently I've started putting together a team to start a new flash production team here on NG. I've got some, but I'm currently trying to recruit members. I'm after voice actors, sound guys, animators and writers, there are many positions available, all you've got to do is get in contact and give me a brief history of your flash projects, together we can make flash history.

Now I am going to be the company Director and producer or organizer to the animations we make, but am currently looking for two partners to run it, so if interested in being a partner, or joining, please get in touch.

EDIT: I am now looking for three more partners, so I can form a board of directors. Sorrygirl99 and betteratbrawl7777 are two of my current partners.


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2009-10-05 16:47:47

Cause 13 year old faggots (Like you) have rotted your brain and cannot use it anymore, so you try to stop A SEVENTEEN YEAR OLD and make him feel as shitty as you.

greatwh1teshark responds:

Nice come back mate, oh by the way, I'm making you a partner, leaving only one partner position left.


2009-10-06 21:23:00

I can do some art work
writing, and music.


greatwh1teshark responds:

Well we do need someone to help on the music, and with the other stuff Welcome aboard.


2009-10-07 06:21:06

Well, it's good to see that people like it......except for asshole at the top.

greatwh1teshark responds:



2009-10-07 15:13:46

have fun

greatwh1teshark responds:

I will.


2009-10-07 18:09:32

oh, i'll be the second partner :P
if u want.... >.>

greatwh1teshark responds:

Yeah why not, welcome aboard.


2009-10-10 09:21:21

am i qualified to be in your prestiged team your highness?

greatwh1teshark responds:



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